Top 3 Sports For Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bets on Football

It is no wonder that the most popular sport in the world is also the favourite of most betting fans. Almost half of the world’s seven billion people are football fans or at least interested in football.

This explains quite why so many bets are placed on the outcome or continuation of matches in this sport.

Icon HeartOft is not just about the pursuit of profit. Much more than the money from a won bet it interests followers in many cases on the team of their heart to place and so their confidence in it to document or even allegedly support to provide.

Because most sports bettors are quickly drawn to football anyway, most betting providers place the button at the top left of their website, where the attention usually falls first when reading.

  • If you then click on the corresponding button, the whole world of a provider’s football bets is open to you.
  • Football Fan GermanyThe ‘basic equipment’ of any respectable bookie in the field of football undoubtedly includes the leagues of the major European football nations.
  • England, Spain, Germany and Italy have the best and most popular leagues in the world and therefore account for the majority of betting revenues.
  • In total, football bets account for around 80 percent of the total cake of sports bets in Europe.
  • It should be noted that the bookmakers mostly unpack their most generous odds for the top matches in these elite leagues and in some cases distribute more than 97 percent of the bets made back to the players.

But in addition to the top leagues such as Premier League (England), Primera Division (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany) and Serie A (Italy), there are many other leagues in Europe and around the world. And this is exactly where we can see how serious a bookie is about his soccer betbook.

Ambitious providers offer more than 80 different leagues to choose from, while the absolute top bookmakers already reach a three-digit number. Not only the top divisions of many countries are taken into account, but also lower leagues as well as reserve and junior leagues.

For example, in a comparison of football bets, the winner, Bet365, manages to include matches down to the eighth league in his sportsbook in England.

In addition, the motherland of football is also famous for its diverse cup competitions – also outside the famous FA Cup – which also appear in some betting offers.

  1. There can be no doubt about it at the two important European continental cups. Champions League and Europa League are among the fixed starters of every respectable bookmaker.
  2. Icon Football Long-term bets on the later winner, either before the start of the competition or at an early stage, often prove to be particularly popular. These not only promise a lot of suspense, but also juicy odds for a courageous tip.
  3. Like Christmas and Easter together, the biennial international championships of the national teams within the framework of the European Football Championship and the World Cup appear for the betting providers.
  4. The break in the summer between the league seasons otherwise rather provides for a quite thin betting offer in the field of football. Only a few test matches or subclass matches are able to bridge the football drought in this case.

If the ball rolls, however, at an EM or World Cup tournament, then an incomparable abundance of top games is on the agenda, which clearly no serious bookmaker would want to miss.

Especially during the group phase several games take place every day, which attract the masses of sports tippers and therefore should not be missing in any Betbook. In our test, we therefore assume that these top events must be sufficiently considered as an indispensable necessity.

Bets on Cricket

Somewhat surprisingly for Europeans, cricket ranks second worldwide among the most popular sports and betting disciplines. There are two main reasons for this: India and Pakistan.

The two countries, formerly under British rule, are absolutely crazy about cricket and already account for more than a fifth of the world’s population.

In addition, in the other Commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh and, of course, England itself, the enthusiasm for this sport is enormous.

When India meets its neighbour Pakistan in cricket, all hell breaks loose on the subcontinent. In addition, bets are particularly popular in England as well as in Asia. Especially with English bookies, cricket bets are therefore an indispensable part of the range of various bets. At you can find websites that accept Bitcoin betting for Cricket games. These include league games and cup games in the most important cricket nations as well as international comparisons within the framework of tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup or the ICC World Twenty20.

Icon WorldA special feature of cricket is undoubtedly that there are quite a lot of different game forms, such as the classic Test Cricket, the First-Class Cricket, the One-Day Cricket and the Twenty20 Cricket.

  • Because of the shorter playing time and the adaptation to modern viewing habits, the One-Day Cricket is now in the foreground compared to the older Test Cricket, and therefore occupies a very large space in the cricket range of many bookmakers.
  • At this point it is important to point out a special feature that is particularly relevant for betting on cricket matches. Many betting providers adapt their betbooks to regional conditions with regard to betting preferences.
  • For this reason, Cricket may be available in the English language version of a provider’s website, but not in the German language version.

Picture above: The winner of the Bwin betting test will also have bets on cricket in the German language version.

The same applies in part to bets on dog races or horse bets, which are particularly popular on the island. So if you have a German betting account, you may only have access to the German Sportsbook but not to the English one.

Betting on Basketball

As one of only a few major sports, basketball can be traced back to the invention of a specific person. The Canadian doctor and sports coach James Naismith developed it in 1891 for a US-American college as an alternative to American football, which was much more physical.

Since then, the sport has conquered the world from the east coast of the USA and is practiced today in all inhabited parts of the world. The fight for baskets and points is particularly popular in North America, parts of Europe and East Asia.

  • The preferred betting objects are the matches of the strongest basketball league in the world, the US-American NBA (National Basketball Association).
  • In contrast to the bets on cricket, which some bookies remove from their program for customers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, basketball bets are usually part of every betting assortment.
  • In addition to the NBA, basketball betting odds from the USA often include the national women’s league WNBA and the strong college league NCAA.

Icon BasketballGames outside the USA, which often appear in the bookmakers’ betting programmes, are those from Spain, Greece, the Philippines and the Euro League. The Olympic basketball tournaments and the Basketball World Championships also receive special attention.

This is especially the case when the USA once again performs with a star troupe from the crème de la crème of the NBA cracks. This selection of the best professionals in the world usually attracts a considerable part of the bets.