BTC – Next stop $10,000?

After a rather quiet week yesterday evening, the Bitcoin price has picked up speed again and left the 9,500 USD behind. So far only the new Facebook Coin Libra has been able to attract attention and the Crypto market has remained largely inconspicuous. Binance was also able to mark a new year and all-time high.

Bitcoin price breaks through the 9,500 USD mark – will the 10,000 USD now come?

Yesterday evening, the Bitcoin share price again made good progress and broke through the next important hurdle at USD 9,500. This marks a new year high for the BTC price and provides the next eagerly awaited boost. Should the 10,000 USD now be tackled and torn, it looks extremely bullish for the Bitcoin, according to Tyler Winklevoss.

and marks one new high after the other and moves ever closer to the magic 10,000 mark. However, one should always reckon with setbacks in such an extreme market, especially when attacking such important hurdles. But the mood for Bitcoin still seems positive and the mood barometer is at a very high level and stands on “greed”.

This increase came just as unexpectedly and suddenly as the last rises and thus despite the upward trend a further extremely volatile market confirms itself in which small investors can burn their fingers fast.

In addition to the fact that the IEO is an IEO, Binance was also able to take off with the launch of the highly anticipated margin trading and other announcements by Binance CEO CZ. For example, the next quarterly burning of Binance Coins (NBB) is scheduled for July, which will serve as an additional price driver. There are other innovations and developments at Binance on the horizon, which we will discuss in more detail in another article.

Can Bitcoin maintain its high level? What does the future hold? What about the next few days?

It is now even possible to make BTC transactions without the internet, check this site here for more. Many in the community are divided as far as the further development of Bitcoin is concerned. While Tyler Winklevoss already seems to be targeting the USD 15,000, it is also louder that another massive correction could be imminent. One thing is for sure, if BTC really snatch the USD 10,000, the media will report again. In an undecided stock market, BTC stands out this year as one of the top performers and could thus again provide FOMO (Fear of missing out) among investors.

We avoid these speculations and enjoy the crypto summer, because if the calculations of the stock flow ratio are correct and the long-term forecasts for Bitcoin are correct, it doesn’t really matter what happens in the next days and weeks. We will stay tuned and keep you up to date with the latest developments as soon as possible.