Your investments in the future!

Tell about the project to friends, acquaintances and relatives!
In return you will get something that will help you in the future!

 together, make the world better!

We are not trying to enrich us, challenges are in the other…
Money is not happiness, not even their number. Happiness is to live in a clean and healthy world!

Together in a happy future!

Greed is painful defect, which should be treated.
Together, we will cure the world of this plague; we do not have another future!

The Project

Welcome friends! We invite you to participate in our project! This is even though another project of cryptocurrency, but has a more equitable distribution of emission conditions.

The aim of our project is development and funding for technology of free energy, which was so carefully hidden from us. We want to ensure all those in need with a free or very cheap energy.

It is no secret, if there is an energy there is life. With free energy you can do more…. Ranging from cheap food products, ending with unlimited economic and technological opportunities…

This is a tool for achieving freedom, health and a happy life. Join us and you will get:

  • Your fair share in the project.
  • Huge international team of associates.
  • The possibility of one of the first to receive the free energy.
  • Happy and healthy future for you and your descendants.

We do not offer you to understand the specific tools implementation — we solve all the problems independently and are committed to the result! All you have to do – to tell everyone about our, and possibly your project. But if you want more and you have a desire to help the project as that on another, You can always write to us through our feedback or by other methods presented HERE. If you still have any questions, read answers in F.A.Q.


1. It is a Bitcoin fork with PoS mechanism
2. Short name – TICO
3. General emissions – 50 million
4. Emission under starting distribution – 20 million.
5. Way of primary distribution – Registration on web-site. Referral program.
6. Reward for registration – 10
7. Referral program – 10 levels, reward from 0,019 to 10
8. Bonuses – From fund that is renewed on the general basis (referral program), for every possible achievements and merits.
9. Minimal part – 0,00000001
10. premine – 0,00000000
11. Algorithm – SHA256.
12. Block generation time – 10 min
13. Coin aging time – 30 days
14. Reward PoS 30 days – 1% from stack (12% per year)
15. Transfer commission – 0,1% (one-tenth of percent from the transfer sum) goes to the fund of the team.
16. After the full emission output, transfer commission will be like bonus PoS.
17. Aims – Design and financing of the design of the technologies of free energy.

*Explanation of items:

1. Was based on the source code Bitcoin.
2. Abbreviation used for abbreviated designation.
3. The maximum possible number of coins in circulation.
4. This amount will be distributed among users for their further use and to generate new coin.
5. For a more fair and even distribution of coins it was decided to use the referral system for the primary distribution of coins. This method makes it possible to take part in the distribution of the coins not only hardened miners but also ordinary users, which are just starting to learn cryptocurrency.
6. Fixed reward for the registration on the web-site.
7. Referral program has 10 levels of referrals with a fixed reward for each level.
8. Bonuses can get all, you need only to have the desire!
9. As in Bitcoin one hundred millionth.
10. There is no premine and will not be; everything honestly. Team fund will be credited on a general basis according to the referral grid.
11. Algorithm as in Bitcoin
12. As in Bitcoin
13. Time after which a fixed fee will be credited
14. Amount of the fixed remuneration
15. To finance the planned it was decided to charge a small fee for transfers. After a full release of emissions, commission goes on remuneration PoS.
16. After a full release of emissions, commission goes on remuneration PoS.
17. This is not a utopia but really the facts available. At the moment, there are small generators scheme but to improve them and prototyping, turned out to be a pretty big need to financing. We refuse to accept funding from sponsors eager to enrich themselves at the expense of the free energy; therefore, we are looking for independent sources. Also, we realize that a group of disinterested persons are in unfavorable research in this area and they are ready to prevent the development of by ANY means. We hope for the public interest.


Before you write in support, read this! If you do not come to the confirmation code, it means that he will come a little later, or you misspelled Email newsletters can be a letter fell into the spam folder. To correct the error, you need to start a new registration and enter the correct data. If you wrote that re-registration is disabled, you need to wait 12 hours, and delete cookies on our website. How to remove them, written on the Internet. If you do not want to wait 12 hours, change ip. If you have not reached 10 for registration, you need to wait. Charges occur in sequence. Usually no later 12-24 hours. Referral payments come at the same time with charges for registration.

What is this?

This cryptocurrency, such as a variety of other with similar mechanisms. There are a number of differences that you can check on the page About coin

This is a pyramid scheme, or hyip?

No, it is not a pyramid and not hiyp, it is cryptocurrency. In these systems, you are asked to invest or bring those, who will invest money. We have the opposite. We are offering a reward for registration and at referral program. Our goal is not to enrich themselves at the expense of others, but to give people opportunities.

How can I advertise my referral link?

With all available legal means. You may not use SPAM in all its manifestations, whether in the SMS or E-mail, and in the forums, in comments on other sites (if it is not appropriate).

Can I register several accounts?

It is strictly forbidden.

Why do you need the phone number at registration?

First of all for your safety. In case of a loss of control over your account using the phone, you can regain access. The second case, only if there is a telephone and one-time SMS you will be able to withdraw your Coins. The third case, it is a kind of protection from re-registering on the website.

I did not receive SMS with a code to activate my account, what should I do?

Contact the team through the feedback. In the appeal, specify the problem and telephone number where you are trying to activate your account.

Your website is safe?

Yes, it is. We use the certified security certificate and web protocol https://. All data is encrypted. Data exchange between the site and the user takes place in encrypted form.

I have not found answer to my question, what should I do?

Contact the team on the page of feedback. In the subject line, specify the kind of your question, in the message body the question itself.

To the extent of receiving actual issues, section QUESTION \ ANSWER will be updated.